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Budget Mix

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A budget selection of mixed-size labels so that a lost phone, laptop, driver's license, or passport can come back to you if found. What's more, it comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE that we'll do the work of returning the item at no cost from anywhere in the world.

That's an unbeatable safety net to have around your belongings in a hyper-mobile, global age.

Use them on your essential everyday possessions, such as your

  1. phone, charger, powerbank
  2. laptop, charger, thumbdrive
  3. earpods
  4. driver's license
  5. registration & insurance holder
  6. bank card
  7. building access card
  8. transit card
  9. medical card
  10. umbrella

When you receive your purchase, create your account and activate this pack so the label ID numbers get registered to your name. Then label your priority possessions.

How the system works:

  • someone finds your lost item
  • they see the label and contact us
  • we trace the label ID to your account
  • we contact you
  • your retrieve the item in person, OR
  • we'll get it back, from anywhere in the world
  • BoomerangIt covers your recovery costs up to $100 per year, FOR LIFE!

And that's with FREE SHIPPING.