All-Purpose Tag
All-Purpose Tag
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All-Purpose Tag

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Sleek, slim, and ultra-lightweight, this double-sided tag is the perfect peace-of-mind addition to your keys or bag. Even if you already have a fob for your keys, this will give them lost & found protection without additional weight or bulk.

  • 2 x 1 inches
  • epoxy domed, double-sided
  • printed info protected beneath veneer
  • BoomerangIt logo on one side
  • unique ID & contact details on reverse side
  • supplied with snap-rings and clip hook

Activate this tag in your account once you receive it so it gets registered to your name.

How the system works:

  • someone finds your lost keys or bag
  • they see the tag and contact us
  • we trace the tag ID to your account
  • we contact you
  • you retrieve the item in person, OR
  • we'll get it back, from anywhere in the world
  • BoomerangIt covers your recovery costs up to $100 per year, FOR LIFE!