"The information on my USB was sensitive and irreplaceable."

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"What karma! My bike was returned to me by a BoomerangIt sticker."

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"You found it? I'd only had that backpack three weeks!"

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Priority Label Sheets

The way to protect your essential devices and documents from accidental loss.



To protect your bag, keys, wallet, and suitcases.


Priority Protection Kit

A single solution to protect your everday essentials.



"Without BoomerangIt, it would have been very difficult to get my laptop back, if at all."

"I left my phone on a JetBlue airplane. It was extraordinarily gratifying to receive it back so quickly."
"As a result of this, my company is now using BoomerangIt on all our phones and computers." Robert T, investment manager, Orinda CA
"I never expected to see my digital camera again since my son left it in a pub in Ireland."
"And here we are now back in San Francisco getting your call you found it — what a wonderful surprise!" David VE, Lafayette CA
"I was attending the Motorcycle Show in Toronto. That's where I lost my phone."
"I rely on that phone to photograph all the bikes that come into my repair shop. It gives me hope that the world is still full of good and honest people." Stuart L, automotive shop owner, Hanover, Canada
"I was convinced my laptop had been stolen at Toronto Pearson International Airport."
"Thankfully, staff at the security check found it and saw the BoomerangIt sticker underneath. Thanks to your service my laptop was safely returned to me." Michael L, audit officer, Canton OH
"I had my stolen phone returned to me within hours with the help of BoomerangIt and the Delray Beach police department."
"Thank you so much. I am so happy. You don't know how bad I needed it back." Barbara M, Fort Lauderdale FL
"One of our bags fell out of the car at a restaurant parking lot when we were travelling around Washington state."
"The BoomerangIt sticker on the camera inside was the only way we got it back. You went above and beyond to return it. Thank you." Kelli S, air force, Woodinville WA

FREE shipping within the USA!

BoomerangIt products ship worldwide from the US.

Orders deliverable within the USA ship free of charge.

"In the back of my head, I KNEW I'd put that sticker on it."
"So I still held out some hope I would hear from BoomerangIt. I really didn't want to have to buy another phone. I was so glad to hear from you." Dave S, Tigard OR
"BoomerangIt has certainly paid off!"
"I knew I lost my USB stick but didn’t recall where or how. The information I had on it was sensitive and irreplaceable." Martin F, contract manager, Flower Mound TX
"What wonderful karma! The fantasy is true!"
"After six months I completely lost any hope of recovering the bike, then I received your email with the subject ‘Found your stolen bike’. I was in disbelief." Nguyen N, San Jose CA
"My life is in that device. Very thrilling to have it back!"
"I lost my phone at Cincinnati Airport. It must have fallen out of my bag either at security or at the flight gates." Laura R, realtor, New Albany OH
"I will definitely recommend your service. In fact, I actually already have — to all my friends."
"I was in a rush to connect at Newark and left my cell phone in my seat. It ruined the whole flight home. I could not believe the service actually worked." Monique C, real estate agent, Venice CA
"I left my phone at the Holiday Inn Express in Utah I was staying at while passing through."
"They called BoomerangIt and the whole thing was done before I even knew the item was gone. The cute thing was that the finder was just as excited as me." Kelley P, housewife, Woody Creek CO

"My Ipad was stolen from me along with a suitcase and other valuable belongings on a business trip to Geneva, Switzerland."

"The police managed to catch the thief, but were only able to return it and the suitcase because of the BoomerangIt label.

I deeply appreciate all the work you and the police did to organize it."

William S, IS Services Manager, Plainsboro NJ